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14-seater Van

Capacity: 14 seated plus driver

31 to 39-seater Bus

Capacity: 31 to 39 seated

Ideal for smaller groups to shows and weddings etc.


45/49 -seater Bus

Capacity: 45 or 49 seated

For the larger groups for shows and weddings etc.


53-seater Bus

The largest bus we have suitable for all your large groups to shows etc. Fleet No22


28-seater Coach

 our 28-seater tour coach equipped with DVD CD player and reclining seats. Ready for those small tour groups. Fleet No15



37-seater Coach

Coach equipped with DVD player ready for local and overseas tour groups. Fleet No 31



45-seater Coach

With three 45-seaters for all occasions from School day trips and week long camps sporting groups day and weekend trips to overseas visitors these coaches are our most popular. Fleet No 26



49-seater Coach

Coach equipped with DVD player and reclining seats. Fleet No 27





31 & 39-seaters Super Low Floor city buses


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